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RE-INTRODUCING the original Mirrorlite (TM) Mirrors! - ATTENTION, Gyms, Dance Studio & Building Owners: Our customers have saved up to 60% on their insurance premiums by using Hudson Glassless Mirrors! - Custom Sizes available on Ceiling Tiles and Translucent Lights -

What is a Glassless Mirror?

Glassless Mirror Testimonial
Hudson Mirror, LLC. is the sole producer of Mirrorlite™ mirrors which are a technological breakthrough offering unparalleled safety and ease of installation.

Made of a thin, super reflective film, stretched over a sturdy lightweight aluminum frame, Mirrorlite™ mirrors have three mounting options, and are a perfect replacement for heavy, traditional glass mirrors in environments such as gyms, physical therapy centers, schools, theaters, building lobbies, or anywhere else that you would need a high quality, lightweight, unbreakable reflective surface.

Mirrorlite™ mirrors are ideal for use as:

  • Wall mirrors
  • Dance mirrors
  • Two way mirrors
  • Gym mirrors

Just think of the possibilities.

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Why a Glassless Mirror?
Mirrorlite™ ceiling and wall mirrors reflect an optical-quality image that is bright, clear and free of distortion. Because glasslessGym mirror mirrors are not made with glass, they offer several benefits over traditional glass mirrors such as being super lightweight, completely shatterproof, having many customization options and the ability to be installed just about anywhere.

For these reasons and many more, you just can't beat a Mirrorlite™ Glassless Mirror.

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The Mirrorlite Glassless Mirror
Mirrorlite™ Glassless Mirrors consist of a rigid foam core framed by an aluminum extrusion. The frame has a raised lip around the four edges. A polyester film, aluminized on the back side, is stretched across the raised edges to form the mirror surface. Mirrorlite Glassless Mirror Construction Because the film is mounted on raised edges, an air space is created between the back of the film and the core. The air space, 1/8", allows the film to flex under minor impact without damage.

Glassless Mirror Applications
Glassless Mirror in a Simulator Mirrorlite™ Mirrors expand reflection beyond the practical limitations of conventional glass mirrors. The unique construction of Mirrorlite™ Mirrors provides optical clarity, ghostless images and distortion-free color previously found only in more expensive front surface glass mirrors. Lightweight and portable, they require no complex mounting system. Shatterproof Hudson Mirrors are safe and are able to withstand shock and vibration.

Glassless Mirror in a Theater Our mirrors are used in many different types of applications such as, Exhibition, Architecture, Monitoring, as Visual-Aids, and in Theatrics.

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Save up to 60%
on your business insurance
premiums by switching to
Mirrorlite™ glassless mirrors.

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